Lake Turnt

A large lake located in the Primoda Forest, within Wutreshen territory.

Notable Locations:
  • Tommund’s Shack – A small unkempt shack at the end of a trail in the south west corner of Lake Turnt owned by Tommund.
  • The Island – A ruined village lies on an island in the centre of Lake Turnt. The village is home to statues of The Unburnt One. What happened here is still currently unknown.
Notable Creatures:
  • Bulette – Normally deep subterranean creatures, the party have encountered a Bulette buried in the sands along the coast of Lake Turnt.


  • Harpies – Harpies have attacked the party along the western coast of Lake Turnt coming from the direction of the treeline.


Lake Turnt

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