The Unburnt One

The persuasive voice of a skull given telepathy by the power of a helmet.


His voice was discovered by Varian after Kjeld found the skull in a chest in Tommund’s house. The skull which holds The Unburnt One is wearing a gem inlaid helmet which seems to channel his telepathy. The Unburnt One has the power to manipulate and read thoughts, often influencing the party and, in particular, Varian to do things against their will.

The Unburnt One has not yet revealed the task that he has for the party, only that they are to head towards the island in the centre of Lake Turnt to help him. Lake Turnt was also previously known as “The Lake of the Unburnt” which became “Lake t’Unburnt” and finally “Lake Turnt”. The island in the centre of it is home to a small village that now lies in ruins. In this village there are statues of a burning man labelled as “The Unburnt One.”

The party later found out that The Unburnt One is actually who has been influencing Tommund and this could be the reason for his broken mental state. Tommund truly believed that The Unburnt One was protecting him and that they were friends. Unfortunately, this was not the case and The Unburnt One executed Tommund through a wraith in his employ.


It is currently unknown what this enigmatic skull’s motivations are, except that he wants to lead the party deep into an underground lair. One thing is clear, his intentions aren’t pure, he is quick to cast off the unnecessary and kill those who get in his way. He is very charismatic and knows how to manipulate those in his thrall to get what he wants.

Known Relatives/Associates:

Tommund – Thrall/Faked Friend – Enemy.

Party Relationship:

Kjeld: Unknown.
Varian: “Friendly” – Seemingly wants to help Varian after he fulfills his purpose.
Iseult: Dislikes – Considers her an unknown.

The Unburnt One

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