Bodyguard employed by the Sebicho family, who came into possession of some very strange scrolls.


The party met Velibor in Miller’s Bastion, specifically in The Slugger’s Den enjoying a drink after work. Velibor is a bodyguard, hired by the Sebicho family in Miller’s Bastion usually as a direct protector of Melicia Sebicho. Velibor is a member of the Harbury Halos and upholds it’s rules to the letter. In a desperate time where mercenaries came for Kjeld; and his fellow Harbury Halo, Toma, turned against Kjeld and Varian; Velibor stood firm and helped Varian and Kjeld in stopping and capturing them.


Serve and Protect. Uphold the laws of the Harbury Halos.

Known Relatives/Associates:

Daffodil – His Bassett Hound – Friend.
Toma – Fellow Harbury Halo – Enemy.
Melicia Sebicho – Protector – Employed by.

Party Relationship:

Kjeld: Ally.
Varian: Ally.
Iseult: Neutral-Ally.


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