Valmont Schwarzkoff

A member of Miller's Bastion's Council who likes to flaunt his wealth


Valmont Schwarzkoff is a wealthy nobleman and current council member of Miller’s Bastion. Valmont was met by the party in the market district of Miller’s Bastion when found arguing with a local trader over the price of gold. Valmont believed that he was being undercharged, claiming the gold was 14ct. not 13.5ct, a clear indicator that Valmont enjoys the finer and more exotic things in life. He isn’t prepared to pay less than something’s worth so he can demonstrate his wealth at any opportunity. Valmont is known to and has been seen wearing lots of fine exotic furs of animals including a Hipogryph. Valmont has openly flirted with Varian and has shown little interest in Iseult or Kjeld, other than for Kjeld’s assistance in identifying the gold.


Valmont is extremely wealthy and is powered by his social standing. He likes getting exactly what he wants and the more exotic the good, the more he wants it. However, he is quite lazy and often shirks his responsibility as a council member because it bores him.

Known Relatives/Associates:

Donkor – Fellow council member – Unknown.
Simo – Fellow council member – Unknown.
Tatjana Rajan – Fellow Council Member – Unknown.
Melicia Sebicho – Fellow Council Member – Unknown.

Party Relationships:

Kjeld: Friend.
Varian: Love Interest.
Iseult: Neutral.

Valmont Schwarzkoff

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