The barkeep and owner of The Slugger's Den


Vadislav is the current owner of The Slugger’s Den, a tavern and inn in Miller’s Bastion that is located in the commoners district. He is charismatic and enjoys to drink with his patrons, much to the distain of his employees, usually passing it off as a mistake that he had spilt the ale. Vadislav is not opposed to bending the rules, paying guards off with bribes to look the other way at what goes on in the tavern so he can remain open longer. Vadislav also believes he’s quite the charmer and lady’s man and has a thing for Iseult.

Vadislav had a son with a woman who he is no longer involved with. His son was left on his doorstep, and the woman disappeared. Vadislav’s mother, father and son went out on a excursion, boating somewhere, unfortunately they never made it back. All of them now lost to Vadislav.


Vadislav is upset by the unfair curfew conditions placed upon his tavern and hopes to be able to open for longer. He has requested Iseult and the party to speak with the council of Miller’s Bastion in trying to correct this injustice. He wants to keep his business alive.

Known relatives:

Vadislav’s Son – Deceased.
Vadislav’s Mother – Deceased.
Vadislav’s Father – Deceased.

Party Relationship:

Kjeld: Neutral.
Varian: Neutral-Friend.
Iseult: Friend/Love Interest.


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