A recluse said to live in a shack by the South-West shore of Lake Turnt.


It was rumored by the children of Miller’s Bastion that an evil witch lived in the house on the path by the jetty at Lake Turnt. It was later confirmed by Vadislav that, infact, a human man by the name of Tommund lived there.

When confronted, Tommund’s personality was strange, his demeanor was that of confusion but this belies the turmoil and madness hidden away under the surface. He lived in squalor and filth with nothing but simple furniture and this shack to his name, it was truly a miserable existence.

Tommund used to work as a town guard in Miller’s Bastion but was sequestered due to a situation where he ended up killing “bad men” and people of influence in Miller’s Bastion cast him out. He has since worked at Lake Turnt training, the occasional people who visited him, in how to fish.

Tommund has an almost childlike innocence and misunderstanding of current society. He was easily tricked by a conman. The conman told Tommund that new money was in circulation and that Tommund should hand over his old money so that he can exchange it for new, delivering a few days later.

Tommund claimed that he had a book that spoke to him and that he wrote a copy of it which the party found. The party were unable to read Tommund’s book so instead looked around his house for the real book, instead only finding a sacrificial dark stone shortsword and a skull wearing gem inlaid helmet.

The skull was found to contain the soul of a creature that goes by the name of “The Unburnt One”. The skull was discovered to have influential and mind controlling powers and that The Unburnt One was controlling Tommund for some secret task on the island in the centre of Lake Turnt.

Tommund eventually led the party to the island, convinced that the skull was his friend and that he had to complete a task with Varian and Kjeld. Iseult came along although was advised by Tommund not to come and that it wouldn’t be safe.

On the island Tommund was attacked by an undead wolf and heavily wounded. Thankfully, he managed to survive and the party continued deeper into the ruined town that lay on the island of the lake. Tommund thanked the party profusely for keeping him alive, none more so than Iseult. Iseult had gained Tommund’s trust and bond in the short time the party knew him.

Whilst resting shortly in the ruined town on the island, Varian confronted Tommund about his “friend”. Tommund grew intensely suspicious of Varian, who was now also secretly being influenced by the skull that had been removed from Tommund’s house. The party then departed for the underground layer of the town.

It was in the underground section of the island that Tommund met his demise. The Unburnt One, no longer seeing purpose in his thrall, cut his ties with him and commanded a Wraith in his employ to execute Tommund. Tommund was then brought back as a specter by the wraith, a fate far worse than death.


Tommunds motivations were simply to serve the voice that he heard in his head. Known now to be the voice of “The Unburnt One”.

Known Relatives/Associates:

The Unburnt One – The skull that was controlling Tommund – Enemy.
Vadislav – Acquaintance of Tommund.

Party Relationship:

Kjeld: Neutral.
Varian: Rival.
Iseult: Friend.


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