The rambunctious co-worker of Velibor and member of the Harbury Halos.


Toma is a loud and obnoxious co-worker of Velibor in the Harbury Halos. Toma is a rule breaker of the halos and has turned coats. Toma tried to trick Varian and Kjeld into the fields where mercenaries were waiting for Kjeld. Siding with the mercenaries, Toma attacked Velibor and the party. When it was clear that Toma had no way of winning he surrendered and has since been jailed in Miller’s Bastion.


Toma is only motivated by money and his greed. He is happy to break the rules for coin, even if it goes against the rules of his faction.

Known Relatives/Associates:

Velibor – Ex-coworker – Enemy.

Party Relationship:

Kjeld: Enemy.
Varian: Enemy.
Iseult: Neutral.


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