Owner of the Foxtail Inn and member of the council of Miller's Bastion


Simo is a rich nobleman of Miller’s Bastion and current member of the council there. He sees himself as incredibly important and as the most influential member of the council. He can usually be found in the Foxtail Inn, a fine establishment of wealth and splendor. Simo enjoys the company of his concubines and surrounding himself with beautiful things. Simo is well guarded by a small team of mercenaries to keep him safe at all times. He abides by loyalty and honesty and can become aggressive if people renege on their deals.


Women and beautiful things can easily find favour with Simo, he can be easily swung on promise from a pretty face. He has little time for people who go back on their word, threatening Iseult that he will burn down The Slugger’s Den should he not get his end of the bargain. Simo is quite the egotist, believing he owns the best establishment in town and that he is the most important council member.

Known Associates:

Donkor – Fellow Council Member – Neutral.
Melicia Sebicho – Fellow Council Member – Neutral-Friend.
Tatjana Rajan – Fellow Council Member – Unknown.
Valmont Schwarzkoff – Fellow Council Member – Neutral-Friend.

Party Relationship:

Kjeld: Not Met.
Varian: Not Met.
Iseult: Love Interest


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