Loch Skrine

A patrolling guard of Wutresh on The Great Western Highway. Coworker of Liza.


Loch is a guardsman of Wutresh that patrols The Great Western Highway. He is lighthearted but loyal to his job. He often makes jokes with Liza who doesn’t take him very seriously.
Loch is well connected with the citizens on the route he patrols, he set the party up with a discount at Miller’s Bastion should we mention him at The Slugger’s Den.


Serve and Protect the citizenry of Wutresh.

Known Relatives/Associates:

Liza – Co-worker and fellow guardsman – Friend.

Party Relationship:

Kjeld: Suspicious of.
Varian: Suspicious of.
Iseult: Neutral.

Loch Skrine

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