Captain of the guard and member of the council of Miller's Bastion.


Donkor is a noble, the captain of the guard in Miller’s Bastion and is a current member of the council there. His job is to maintain order and justice within Miller’s Bastion. Donkor is more like one of the people rather than one of the nobles. He sees himself as a fair and just man and likes to think that the citizens of Miller’s Bastion see him as the same. He is a man of principle and hardworking.

Donkor was the least concerned with adjusting the curfew for the Slugger’s Den as he believes that it isn’t completely fair. However, he was also concerned that changing the times may lead to more disorder if the citizens drinking habits thus affecting their work. Donkor referred Iseult to his tailor, Isheal as a gesture of good will in aiding her in the task to lift the curfew.


Serving and protecting the citizens of Miller’s Bastion.
Fairness above all else.

Known Relatives/Associates:

Isheal – Tailor – Friend.
Melicia Sebicho – Fellow Council Member – Unknown.
Simo – Fellow Council Member – Neutral.
Tatjana Rajan – Unknown.
Valmont Schwarzkoff – Unknown.

Party Relationships:

Kjeld: Not Met.
Varian: Not Met.
Iseult: Friend/Love Interest


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