The owner of Ash's Reagents in Miller's Bastion


Ash is a female dwarven alchemist who works at and owns Ash’s Reagents in Miller’s Bastion. Not much is known of her except her disdain for races who are taller than her. The party met her in Miller’s Bastion whilst trying to purchase alchemical ingredients, she was more than willing to serve Kjeld and had a lot of respect for him.


Ash is clearly proud of her Dwarven heritage and dislikes other races. She wants her shop to succeed and dislikes the idea of someone opening another alchemical store in Miller’s Bastion. Demonstrates clear respect to elders of dwarvenkind.

Known Relatives/Associates:


Party Relationship:

Kjeld – Friend.
Varian – Dislikes.
Iseult – Dislikes.


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